Our Other Films

Our films tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things: speaking out, speaking up, stepping up. Use the links below to watch the films.

All films are available for educational or community screenings. Please contact us for additional information.

Of Good Heart – A Republican and a Democrat reveal how their upbringing – and current events – brought them into their political selves.

Waiter For Life – An intimate look at a group of long-time waiters at San Francisco’s Scoma’s Restaurant, Waiter For Life pays homage to the American dream: immigrant stories, connections between people, and, of course, food.

Paul Panish: Poem On My Eighty-Seventh Birthday – Oakland poet Paul Panish ruminates on the nature of creativity, on his life, and on the somewhat surprising act of turning 87, which he has, naturally, turned into a poem.

Keeper of the Creek – One person can make a difference.

The Button Tin – At 90, entering hospice, Sarah rediscovers her mother’s button tin.

Arrested (Again) – A San Francisco activist has been arrested dozens of times for nonviolent civil disobedience. Her story is both funny and touching.

Equal Justice Under Law – San Francisco’s Castro district reacts to the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality decision.

ub2 – The language of dating on the internet.

Moscone Expansion: A Legacy for the Future – A short film commissioned for the grand opening of San Francisco’s newly expanded Moscone Convention Center.A poster for the documentary film, "Arrested Again"