Get involved by mapping your own memories.

We’ve commissioned a blank map of the central Market Street area depicted in our film (5th to 10th streets). A young artist living at Larkin Street Youth Center drew it using material from Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program.

You’re invited to record your experiences and memories of the 5 Blocks area by constructing your own personal map. Or map your vision for what San Francisco’s central Market Street could look like. Through mapping, you’ll be sharing your unique experience of 5 Blocks. You can use any material you wish: pen, pencil, markers, crayons, collage, paint, etc.

What can you put on your map? We paraphrase from Becky Cooper’s Mapping Manhattan. Her book is the inspiration for this mapping project.

  • Map about your impressions
  • Map about where you are or who you are
  • Fill in the map with a story or map an allegory
  • Map the mysterious
  • Map your experience
  • Map your memories

If you’d like to share your completed map with us, scan it and email it to dan(at)urbanstreetfilms(dot)com.

hi-res map 300