Since the creation of a new central Market Street is a physical and tactile experience, we’ve designed a piece of our project – these maps – to incorporate a physical and tactile experience to interplay with the digital filmmaking process of the 5 Blocks documentary film.

Many people have long-held memories (good, bad or indifferent) of the neighborhood that they have been either unable or unwilling to share. Through mapping, we’ve created an outlet to help those memories come alive. The interplay of the physical and tactile with an interactive online experience references the story of arts and technology converging as catalysts for the resurgence of the area.

Mapping events have been held at Hospitality House Community Arts Program, San Francisco Planning Department, Central City SRO Collective, Sixth Street Safety Hub (with foot patrol officers of the SF Police Department), and the studio of area artist Richard L. Perri. To schedule a mapping event at your organization, use the “contact us” form at the bottom of this page or get involved by drawing your own map

Check out the stories behind the maps:

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