People often ask “Where are you filming?” or “What is this 5 blocks you speak of?”

Our 5 blocks refers to San Francisco’s Market Street between 5th and 10th Streets and extending one to two blocks south and two to three blocks north. We’ve gathered a glossary of terms used to describe the area.

  • Mid-Market: “Mid-Market (or Central Market) is a neighborhood and development area in San Francisco, California. Noted columnist Herb Caen referred to the neighborhood as ‘le grand pissoir‘ because of the amount of public urination, defecation, and vagrancy due to a consolidation and expansion of homeless social services in the area, starting in the mid-1980s.” (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Central Market: Often used interchangeably with Mid-Market (as above).
  • Central City: The historical name of the neighborhood.
  • The Slot: Another historical name for the neighborhood. “When public transit was still dominated by cable cars, The Slot was the iron track that went through the center of Market Street where the cables operated. ‘North of the Slot were the theaters, hotels, and shopping district, the banks and the staid, respectable business houses. South of the Slot were the factories, slums, laundries, machine-shops, boiler works, and the abodes of the working class.’ – Jack London. The area was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and the name with it.” (Source: Curbed SF)
  • Civic Center Area: An area of a few blocks North of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue that houses many of San Francisco’s cultural and governmental buildings.
  • The Arts District: Newer classification for Mid-Market Street. Not in general use.
  • The Innovation District: Newer classification for Mid-Market Street. Not in general use.
  • New Market (NEMA): Used exclusively by an upscale apartment complex at 10th and Market streets.
  • MIDMA: “MIDMA refers to the center of the San Francisco Art scene located on the central area of the Market Street slot between 5th and 10th Streets.” (Source: MIDMA.US)

Adjacent neighborhoods to the 5 blocks include the Tenderloin to the north, SOMA (SOuth of MArket) to the south, the Van Ness corridor to the west, and Union Square to the east.

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